Fusion Moves
Asset Management Forward

In 2005, Boston Capital’s asset management database was struggling to keep pace with the company’s needs, directly affecting its ability to manage its growing portfolio. After evaluating the limited alternative asset management solutions available, Boston Capital decided to build an asset management application that would meet its own rigorous demands and standards.

The resulting software, Fusion™, is the most comprehensive asset management software on the market, and the only platform specifically built by asset managers for asset managers. Fusion incorporates specialized business processes as well as LIHTC industry best practices. Its built-in analysis tools help asset managers to proactively pinpoint potential issues earlier, and confidently manage assets and tax credits while reducing credit delivery risk. Today, Fusion is used to manage more than 3,000 LIHTC properties nationwide.

Boston Capital’s subsidiary, Lexington Solutions®, was created to focus exclusively on making Fusion and electronic data collection services available to the entire LIHTC industry. Lexington Solutions will continue to invest in the development and evolution of Fusion to maintain its position as a world-class, best of class asset management application and indispensable tool for the LIHTC industry.

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Reasons to Love Fusion

Fusion is the most innovative, flexible and reliable asset management software on the market. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Fusion.