Realizing Value In Existing Assets

Boston Capital Real Estate Partner’s mission is to acquire, develop and deliver best-in-class real estate investment products, services, operations and superior performance to our investors. Through our Direct Acquisitions program, we purchase existing apartment properties across the U.S. to add value to the investment. We design and implement a comprehensive value enhancement strategy to correct physical deficiencies, make capital improvements and implement management initiatives to enhance and position the property to appeal to its optimal resident base.

Each real estate cycle brings about different challenges, and with them, different keys to success. At BCRE, we consider various types of market rate acquisitions as we constantly adapt our strategy to respond to dynamic market conditions. We have successfully invested in different product and market types, including garden-style and mid-rise assets in both primary and growth markets. Our expertise extends from core/infill to suburban locations, and our strategy includes opportunistic, value-add and high-yield plays. Leveraging our strengths, we strive to actively generate and capitalize on value appreciation by working with capable, experienced brokers, lenders and third-party asset managers throughout the life of the investment.

Our senior professionals average over 23 years of real estate experience. This collective knowledge base, earned from decades of real estate investing throughout market cycles combined with the extensive platform operating capabilities of Boston Capital, enables us to deliver highly attractive returns while protecting investor capital.


Throughout the investment process, we always place a premium on long-term relationships. We look to invest with businesses and people who view us as partners, not just counterparties in a transaction.