Implementing Years of Experience 

With more than 45 years of experience, Boston Capital has developed a successful strategy of analyzing investment opportunities and managing LIHTC assets. Underwriting is the core of sound decision making and our investments are structured by our highly knowledgeable team of professionals. Boston Capital Asset Management completes the team of specialists who are committed to providing investors and business partners with quality real estate investments.

Investment Opportunities Under the Microscope

Boston Capital’s Due Diligence and Underwriting Group functions as a self contained, full-service entity with the goal of providing quality review and analysis of LIHTC investment opportunities. Consisting of highly knowledgeable professionals with experience in all aspects of property underwriting, development and operations, our team directs itself toward on-the-ground real estate analysis as well as financial modeling with critical attention to “what-if” analysis and zero-based expense forecasting. With access to performance data on the largest multifamily portfolio in the country, we deliver a detailed and proprietary market study consisting of market site work investigation, demographic and income analysis, income banding and analysis of competing properties.

Protecting the Investors’ Interests

Our Acquisitions team works with Due Diligence and Underwriting, Taxation, Housing Compliance and outside legal counsel to structure the best transaction possible for our investor and developer partners. This collaboration concludes with a  comprehensive investment summary for review by the Investment Committee with the goal of protecting the investors’ interests.

The Long-Term Relationship

Once a property is acquired, Boston Capital’s Asset Management division monitors each property through construction, leasing and stabilized operations until final disposition.

Given the size of the portfolio, we have the opportunity to work with an expansive list of general partners, management companies, lenders and state agencies across the country. Because the portfolio consists of a wide range of property types, sizes and financing structures, our asset managers have experience with  the widest array of challenges – and solutions – unique to the LIHTC industry.

We specialize in the intricacies of LIHTC asset management, and we employ subject-matter experts who obtain degrees and certifications in their areas of specialty. Our team averages 20 of years experience and BC Asset Management has multiple divisions that include:

  • Portfolio Management and Investor Reporting oversees and reports on the performance of the corporate tax credit funds with the objective to maximize investors’ benefits and returns while providing accurate and timely reports on fund activity.
  • Housing Compliance ensures that resident files are maintained in compliance with Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. This includes reviewing and maintaining a copy of all first-year resident files as well as monitoring compliance throughout the credit period.
  • Special Assets Group repositions assets with identified operational, financial or governance deficiencies.
  • Dispositions Group manages the sale of investors’ interests in LIHTC assets and the orderly liquidation of Boston Capital investment funds.

We’ve achieved a competitive edge in our asset management practice because of Boston Capital’s investment in technology.  Fusion™, a data management and analysis program, provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring affordable housing partnerships. Additionally, RACER, an electronic document repository, stores all partnership and operating documents for team sharing. RACER not only creates daily efficiencies, it allows for electronic workflows and publishes documents to Boston Capital’s website allowing instant access by  investors, CPAs and attorneys.

As we grow and diversify, our commitment to providing the best services and products within the real estate industry remains constant.

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