Single-Investor Funds 

Certain institutional investors prefer to self-direct their investments to proprietary partnerships, without co-investment with other investors. Their motivation may range from the need for direct control of the assets, to customized structuring to meet the accounting objectives of the institution, or to provide an investment platform to further advance construction loan opportunities for the institution or for CRA. To accommodate these institutions, Boston Capital will structure single investor proprietary tax credit partnerships specifically designed to meet their objectives.

Proprietary funds provide the investor

  • Dedicated underwriting to terms dictated by the investor
  • Targeted investments in CRA locations and markets pre-specified by the institution
  • One-on-one investor relations walking the investor through every step of the underwriting process
  • Expansion of the institution’s lending relationships to real estate borrowers

As Boston Capital builds the portfolio through multiple investment cycles, diversification continues towards a specialized pool of assets that meet the investor’s unique tax credit needs.