December 20, 2021

RE: Boston Capital Entity 2021 Tax Return and Audit Instruction

Dear Tax and Audit Preparers:

In preparation of the upcoming 2021 tax and audit seasons please follow the below instructions for submitting your reports to Boston Capital.

Please note, Boston Capital is no longer utilizing a web portal for submission of tax returns or audits.

2021 draft and final tax returns and audits should be submitted via email to the following email
addresses which have also been used in prior years.

Tax Returns                Drafts due February 15, 2022
Audits               Final Audit due March 1, 2022

We request for security purposes that tax returns which contain social security numbers or other sensitive information be password protected with the following naming convention:

Last four digits of the entity tax id number followed by BC2021
For example an entity with a tax id ending in 1234 would utilize the following password:

Documents being submitted by mail should be sent to:

Boston Capital
11 Beacon Street, Suite 325
Boston, MA 02108

Please direct any questions on the submission process to the email addresses above and we will respond as soon as possible.

Boston Capital Asset Management